Friday, November 21, 2008

The second child is just as wanted

I think it would be easy for others to think that if you have one child you cannot be infertile. I mean you have a child and that proves it right? However, the instinct to have children is a God given one and that instinct does not go away after you have one. In fact I really want another child more than I wanted my first one. I know what is involved in having a child. The sleepless nights the crazy trips to the ER at very odd hours. The worry about am I doing this right is he growing. I also know the joys that first smile, first words, the million times they say I love you mom. I am amazed that my heart still swells with love when I see my child first thing in the morning. I love being his mother. I would love to do it all again. There are things I would do different and things I like how they turned out. My love pours into my child and my heart breaks as he begs us to have another child. He wants a little brother, but says he wants a sibling so bad he will take a girl.
I think that is one of the hard things. It is not just me who wants this child, but the whole family who would welcome a wonderful new addition.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your prayers answered. We lost our only baby girl almost 10 yrs ago-and then it took over a year of perfect timing every month to have another. People wonder why my kids are spread so far apart-9years between the first two and then 6 years between the second and third. Don't give up :) Its more fun to have one little one at a time anyway. Secondary infertility doesn't always mean third time infertility either-that was a big surprise but a welcome one.

Bugtheteacher said...

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Annie said...

Hm.....well, if you read my blog, you know about the joys of adoption. We had two, and it was a tad embarrassing, because I'm Catholic and it appeared, so much I'm sure, that we were using artificial contraception - but no. you can have TWO and be more or less infertile, too.

But, I'm glad - yes, glad! Because never in a million years could I love children the way I love my four adopted ones. Somehow they seem like absolute miracles to me.