Saturday, September 27, 2008

We like the electric company

Well last week was quite interesting without the power for 5 days. I was so glad that hubby was smart enough to get a generator so quickly and we did have it set up before we lost our food, however it was odd to walk in a room and turn on the lights and wait then nothing happens. All this week I have marvelled at just how dependent we are on electric.
Before this happened I would have said we would be okay. And, we were it was just hard and if I have my preference I would not go through it again. I have decided we are going to keep emergency cash in the house now. I realised when the electric goes so does the banking system. We also now try to keep our cars filled with gas so that if there is a crisis we at least have that.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Children Make Liars Out of Us

Just over one week ago my ds was watching some of the devastation of hurricane Ike. His beautiful blue eyes turn to me and he says "Mom will we ever have a hurricane here?" "of course not dear we live way to far inland for that to happen." I spoke these words very firmly and sure of myself. I mean we live in central Ohio. Please! What a difference 24 hours makes. My husband and I decided to take a little Sunday afternoon nap. We were awakened by ds coming into the room saying he thought we were going to have a tornado. I chuckled and said that we would be hearing the sirens if that were true. Wow how sure I can be of my self, and how terribly close to the truth my son was. I got up and walked to the living room window. for the next several hours we watched the wind whip up and down the street. Many times I told my son to quickly get away from the window. We prayed for our safety and for that of others. The trees whipped through and tore down trees and power lines. Our lights went out along with all of the neighbors and about 1/3 of our city. I found out the winds reached hurricane strength. We had a rough time but we were so thankful that were are safe and though we had no power for 5 days we know it could have been much worse and that in fact it was many many times worse for those in Texas. It did give us compassion for them.
The next time I start to tell my son that something could not happen here I will think more about it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I hate being sick

Well, with the return to school comes the return of "The Invasion of the Germs." With that I started with a slight sore throat last week. I though perhaps it was just some drainage and did a few home remidies. It did not work On Thursday I woke up with a head cold and it just got worse throuout the day. I woke up early Friday morning and felt like I was hit with a Mack truck in the head. My Doctor was not in so I went to the "little clinic inside Kroger" and got started on an antibiotic. I don't like to do that but it is so much better than it hitting my lungs and getting a full blown asthma attack or worse.
Last night ds started to cough and today he is very sick. I gave him his medicine and hopefully we will get through this. He is happy because he gets to drink 7 up. We usally don't do pop around here but when we are sick I get it for us.
I am really hoping this post make sense as in order to be able to see straigh I have been taking Nyquil. The day time stuff just doesn't do it. So I am sleepy while I type.
My wondeful dh skippied going to the game to stay home with us today. Poor guy.
I can't wait till I feel better there are so many projects around here I want to finish up. I just can't tackle them until I am better. I am working in ds room and I am excited to get his bedspread and new curtains for his room. He wants to go with Start Wars and I am happy with this. He is 9 and I hope it will last a few years. I think I will get some of those peel on and off stickers for his wall. He should have a great time with those.
Thats what is going on this weekend here. On Monday I will hopefully be able to post about the new weeks deals.
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Target Saving

Wow I read over at Money Saving Mom about a Target deal. I was running out to the store and decided to work it into my trip. I was able to get $57.00 worth of items for $32.00 I had picked up a few things that were free after coupons as well.
Specific Kellogg items were 4 for $9.00 Plus when you buy four you get a $5.00 Gift card
I ended up with 12 of the special item. Meaning I got 3 five dollar Gift Cards
I now have:
4 boxes of Pop-tarts
4 packs of Keebler cookies
2 boxes of Rice Crispy Treats
2 boxes of Kellogg's Bars
I had coupons for everything but 2 of the cookies and the Kellogg bars. I actually had target coupons and manufactures coupons for the pop-tarts they were $2.25 then .50 cents of for each coupon so after the Gift card These ended up to more than free! I will eat them and I can keep them at work for some of my kids who get hungry.
I also have a certificate to send off 10 Proofs of Purchase and get a check for $10.00 That was one great trip to Target!