Saturday, December 15, 2007

Super Savings Saturday

Well I got all of the above deals for a grand total of $ .11 Yes that is right 11 cents is what I paid for these things. Even better I did not even have to use and ECB's This is what I did:
I bought one pack of Energizer Max batteries on sale for $ 5.99
One canister of cookies for $2.50
One special marked bottle of Johnson Baby Wash $4.29
One bottle Garnier Conditioner $3.33
Total was 14.90
My total was off because the baby wash had a different price on the bottle. The cashier rang it up for the price on the bottle.
These are the coupons I used
One $5 off $15
One $5 off one package Batteries
One $2 off Johnson Baby product
One $1 off Johnson Wash product (Sunday insert)
One $1 off batteries (on the package)
Many of the coupons were emailed to me by CVS the others I found on and
This brought my total down to $0.11 I was thrilled about this because I went in to make a photo album but I had not saved the pictures right. So I just picked the good deals. The conditioner I just needed and the cookies brought my total up I could have searched for something to give me some more ECB's but DH was waiting in the car. I was very surprised when it did print out a $1 ECB since I had not gotten that one on purpose. CVS is so fun!

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