Monday, December 10, 2007

My home a haven?

After some time of trying to figure out exactly what to blog about I have decided on somewhat of a focus. At this time I am trying to really make our house a home. We are also trying to live a more simple and frugal life style. To motivate myself I will share my progress and struggles here. But let me tell you a little about my situation.
I work each weekday morning at a school. I love my job. I am able to be done a noon each day so my main focus is still our home, this is really what I want to do I want to be a homemaker. I love my job though and want to find a way that these two things can be complementary.
One of the great things about my job is that I am able to take my son to his school each day and drop him off. We get to spend that focused time together each day and I don't miss any out of school time with him. I am also home by the time my husband gets home at 3. So in ways I have the best of both worlds.

Now I am focusing on making our home a very pleasant place to be in. One of the blogs I read is There Crystal is challenging people to create a haven in their own home. This is what I am going to work on. Today I created a routine for when I first get home. I then attacked my kitchen and worked on picking up around the house. I also was able to spend sometime in prayer and plan dinner. I hope that tomorrow I am able to get a little more done. Today my husband was home sick and I had to run errands. Also things were slightly crazy around here since we had gone to relatives yesterday and had kind of dropped things when we came in. So today was a lot of picking up after the weekend. I hope that tomorrow I can really tear into things.
I also stopped and did some of the CVS deals for this week. I love it when I can go in and buy things we need spend only $1 out of pocket and get $10 back to spend later! :)