Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting that tree up

Just thought I would get a few pics posted I will write about them later. The dog's name is Baxter and he was in the mood to pose so my son took his picture


Anonymous said...


I found you through the frugal blogroll. Is that a little beagle (or mostly beagle I see in this post?

What a cutie!!! We have a little (okay, kinda fat) beagle named Barney,

Glad to "meet" you:)


Bugtheteacher said...

Nice to meet you too. Yes that is our full blooded absolute Beagle in the picture. He is very cute and after two years we are starting to really enjoy him. He has been such a handful and still can be but we would not trade him for the world. His name is Baxter and his favorite thing in the world is to find a stray wrapper and chew it. He never ingestes it he just plays with it forever.
If he actualy sat still for a few minutes we might be able to get some weight on him but he doesn't.
We adore him.
Thanks For posting.