Saturday, December 29, 2007

Savings Now

I am pretty much trying to stay home so I do not have any new saving tips since I am not going out much. We have gone a few places but we are mostly spending time with family and just hanging out at home.
I am reading the book "How to become the woman of his dreams." I have to say this is a great book. What wonderful ideas and outlooks on the way we can be better wives. I am trying to do some of the things I read all ready and I love it and dh seems to as well.
There are many things I like about this book. One is that many men were interviewed for this book. The results are sprinkled through the book. This gives the male perspective in a true way.
Second, she breaks it down into seven different areas. I can handle that. It does not have tons and tons of things to memorize or vague ideas. 7 aspects that will help you become the woman of your man's dreams.
Third, there are many places she gives great lists of tips on implementing these ideas. They are practical and doeable.
The last one for now is the most important it is biblical. It starts with prayer. I love this book and I think that it will help our marriage become even better.
I am excited about this book. I got it from the library but I may have to buy it because I want to mark so many things in it.
Have a blessed New Year

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