Thursday, October 6, 2011

So far I am loving homeschooling. Things do not always go as planned and I am still a little overwhelmed with the full responsibility for providing my son's complete curriculum. Really though it was always my responsibility and for so long we were just able to let the school provide it. That worked it was my responsibility but it was being handled by someone else. When it was no longer working for him it was my responsibility to do something about that as well.
We are all very happy with the changes that have been made. Steve and I both love that we are able to do bible and that he shows such an interest in it. We also love that all the extras that we thought he would miss out on he is able to participate in. He is in band, he hangs out with other kids, he is doing robotics. We also have the time and energy to implement things that he is interested in. One day he built this car and learned about it. He loved it and I loved that we could put this into our day.
Lars is happier this way and he is learning a ton. He is more content and shows much more interest in the learning process. I hear the words I wonder many times from him, then he sets out to figure out what he wondered about. That is a winning combination in my book.

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