Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Time

We have been focusing on doing something fun together as a family on the weekends. We were in a rut of just kind of hanging out on the weekend. This was great the first few weeks of school as my husband was very tired one the weekends. However, I really wanted to do things that we would remember and create a bond in our family.

This weekend we went on an adventure that was very awesome. we went canoeing on the Little Miami River. This was right up our son's alley. We have been saying for several years that we should do this. Since it was a beautiful weekend and I was afraid it would be one of the last nice ones we jumped on it. We had a great time. Lars even commented that this is what life is about. Enjoying nature and family not just electronics. He later said that he thinks that God is trying to teach him something from that experience. For Steve and I that was wonderful.

After we did that Steve surprised us and we went to a local antique place and toured a graveyard that is over a hundred years old! When we get to Ohio history Lars and I will go back and do some rubbings with chalk after I make sure we will not be doing any harm to the gravestones. When we finished there he took us to a local fruit farm that he grew up going to.

It was very fun and very crowded. I was thrilled though that we got to go and that Lars still wanted to go pick out his pumpkin. Lars and I went on the hay ride and Steve waited through the massive line to buy some cider (it was the best I have ever tasted) and some apples. It was a great day and our family had a good time. I had told Lars that he had to be able to carry his pumpkin. He picked a very big one that weighed 16lbs and carried it the whole way. We are going to try to carve it today. I have never done this so I hope that it goes well.

On a side not I am feeling much better! My low iron had made it that I was dragging myself through each day. Today I woke up feeling energized I feel good and I am so happy about that!

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