Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Target Saving

Wow I read over at Money Saving Mom about a Target deal. I was running out to the store and decided to work it into my trip. I was able to get $57.00 worth of items for $32.00 I had picked up a few things that were free after coupons as well.
Specific Kellogg items were 4 for $9.00 Plus when you buy four you get a $5.00 Gift card
I ended up with 12 of the special item. Meaning I got 3 five dollar Gift Cards
I now have:
4 boxes of Pop-tarts
4 packs of Keebler cookies
2 boxes of Rice Crispy Treats
2 boxes of Kellogg's Bars
I had coupons for everything but 2 of the cookies and the Kellogg bars. I actually had target coupons and manufactures coupons for the pop-tarts they were $2.25 then .50 cents of for each coupon so after the Gift card These ended up to more than free! I will eat them and I can keep them at work for some of my kids who get hungry.
I also have a certificate to send off 10 Proofs of Purchase and get a check for $10.00 That was one great trip to Target!

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6blessings4us said...

Good for you! I love a good bargain! :)
Judy--"Cheaper by the (Half) Dozen"

P.S. I left you a reply on my blog, but just in case you don't check there. . . I think the granola would be just fine without the coconut. It toasts up nice and chewy anyway. I'd love to know how it turns out! :)