Saturday, September 6, 2008

I hate being sick

Well, with the return to school comes the return of "The Invasion of the Germs." With that I started with a slight sore throat last week. I though perhaps it was just some drainage and did a few home remidies. It did not work On Thursday I woke up with a head cold and it just got worse throuout the day. I woke up early Friday morning and felt like I was hit with a Mack truck in the head. My Doctor was not in so I went to the "little clinic inside Kroger" and got started on an antibiotic. I don't like to do that but it is so much better than it hitting my lungs and getting a full blown asthma attack or worse.
Last night ds started to cough and today he is very sick. I gave him his medicine and hopefully we will get through this. He is happy because he gets to drink 7 up. We usally don't do pop around here but when we are sick I get it for us.
I am really hoping this post make sense as in order to be able to see straigh I have been taking Nyquil. The day time stuff just doesn't do it. So I am sleepy while I type.
My wondeful dh skippied going to the game to stay home with us today. Poor guy.
I can't wait till I feel better there are so many projects around here I want to finish up. I just can't tackle them until I am better. I am working in ds room and I am excited to get his bedspread and new curtains for his room. He wants to go with Start Wars and I am happy with this. He is 9 and I hope it will last a few years. I think I will get some of those peel on and off stickers for his wall. He should have a great time with those.
Thats what is going on this weekend here. On Monday I will hopefully be able to post about the new weeks deals.
Have a great weekend

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