Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lars and I have been going over Latin root words. Today he was to use each of the words we had in our last unit in either sentences or in a creative story. He choose to use sentences, so I thought I would challenge myself to do a short story with the words. We studied the Latin word Foli it means leaf.

There once was a man from Timbuktu. He had so much foliage he did not know what to do. Unifoliate, bifoliates, and trefoils too. They took over the yard the roof and the car to see any of these he needn't look far. "What to do? What to do?" was his cry in the night. To be honest it all gave him a real fright. Off to the nursery to see what could be done. In his arms a portfolio with pictures for proof, what could they do to make them go poof? Ahh, a defoliant is what is needed he was told. To fight this his plan would need to be bold. He would spay them and spay them till each one had exfoliated. And cover them with foil, he paced while he waited. He looked through his folios that had lots of paper then remembered something that made his thoughts waver. Among all the plants he had lambasted, was his favorite that contained his folic acid.

It is not perfect and I am not great with any type of verse but I did want to show Lars it could be done and really I thought it was fun. I hope that he continues to enjoy working with vocabulary. Here is the link to his blog post

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Unknown said...

i love this! look at the subject of your last entry! latin is everywhere!