Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Healing

So it has been sometime but that is what I am doing, healing. It is a long and ongoing process. One of the things I am really struggling with now is having a church home. There are things that I just do not like about my church right now. Thing that I am so uncomfortable with that I cannot continue to go. This is hard for me since I met my husband there. He is committed there and although he sees the issues I do they do not seem to bother him.
It is only because of my background that the things bother me. I can smell control and issues with it a mile away. I do not want to subject myself to that. I would like to check out different types of churches but my husband would like to go to one that kind of split off the church we go to now.
I do like that church and I am willing to try that, but I really wanted to look at what Orthodox Christianity looks like. Steve has blessed me to look at churches with or without him. Even if this means we end up in different churches. I do not see that happening. But I am really excited to see what God does in this journey he has me on. I know he has something in store for me. I just do not know what it is.

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