Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have not updated in so long

Well I have not posted anything to this blog for many months. I have decided to become active with it now.

We are in a busy season here and you know what they say, if you have something you want to get done give it to a busy person. I am not sure why but activitiy seems to breed activity. The opposite also seems true.

We are in the midist of preserving the food we grew this summer. Last night we canned up the lateset batch of tomatoes. Two of the jars did not seal right so I will use them up today.

I have done 2 dozen peach quarts, around 35 quarts total of tomatoes, and 45 quarts of green beans. We also froze about 150 ears of corn. I did not think the corn would be such pain but it really was. Then we only had about 25 meal size bags. Then it clogged the sink and we had to have pumbers out. What a nightmare! I am not sure the corn was worth it. We may give it another try, but I am not sure.

I forgot I have done about 10 quarts of pickles as well.

I love to can. It is very labor intinsive, but along about December when you open a fresh jar of tomatoes and that wonderful aroma hits you it is so worth it. One of the challanges about canning is that the bussiest time for it is hit at the same time as back to school hits. So I was actually happy to find out that my offical return date for work is Sept. 15. This will allow much of the canning to be done before I return.

So this canning is what we have been up to lately. I will post more about the summer and the back to school season soon. It is always interesting when you don't just have a child going back to school but 2 grown ups as well.

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motherofmany said...

Hi! Got your question about the salsa. I don't see why you couldn't use black olives. You might have to add some vinegar or lemon juice to make upo for the acid loss with the green olives. I processed them in a water bath for an hour.